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Epilam worldwide



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We a nnovative company whose main functions are

Development of technologies and application of nanosized multifunctional coatings based on fluorine-containing surfactants – Epilam – in order to protect and modify properties: tribosystems, friction units, heavy-pairs, printed circuit boards, electronic details, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and others. (as anti-friction, hydrophobicity, anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, resistance to microorganisms – bactericidal).

Supply and manufacture using the Epilam technology of machine tools, spare parts and accessories to them, making the program of subcontracting units and parts of machines, hardware including elements of hydraulic and pneumatic systems using multi-functional protective Epilam nanofilms.



Epilam coating technology used to make multifunctional nanosized (3…10 nm) monofilms (antifrictional properties, antiadhesion, hydrophobic, increases of corrosion firmness, decrease in influence of radiation, bactericidal, antiscratches, antifat properties).


Fig.1 Profile of the Epilame Coating Surface

Epilam coating advantages:

— multifunctional nanodimensioned size (3…10 nm), modify chemical connects in
the surface;
— the loaded, focused molecules with the hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends;
— don’t change size, electrical and power conductors parameters;
— surface complex protection, Langmuir palisade;

Profilogramma _1x20mkm_profile



Lubricant polymer composition Epilam® SFC-05

Used for covering of firm surfaces of various materials, the alloys, the friction loaded, the
tool, molds,forms, coverings, precision details for the purpose to create protective
nanofilms are providing such coating characteristics as antifriction, hydrophobic property,
antiadhesion, anticorrosion, adsorption and abrasion resistance, bactericidal.

Lubricant polymer composition Epilam® SFC-20

Used for covering of rubber products, plastic, precious metals, fabrics, composite
materials, alloys, etc. for the purpose of increase of chemical firmness, an antiadhesion,
elasticity, wear resistance, temperature stability, an exception of use of various greasings

Lubricant polymer composition Epilam® Electronic S

Used for complex protection (hydrophobic, water protection, anticorrosion, anti-friction,
anti-oxide, bactericidal, etc.) of printed circuit boards, microassemblies, microelectronic
elements from copper and alloys, devices, conductors/semiconductors

Lubricant polymer composition Epilam® Electronic A

Used for complex protection (hydrophobic, water protection, anticorrosion, anti-friction,
anti-oxide, bactericidal, etc.) surfaces, elements from aluminum, magnesium, zinc,
duralumin and their alloys, microassemblies, conductors/semiconductors

Polymer composition Epilam® Tribokoncentrat

Concentrate (for dilution in various oils and oil-containing lubricants and greases) – used
for increase protectively — the tribological and anticorrosive properties, and also as
conservation greasing and lubricant for covering of the high-loaded surfaces, details,
machines, the equipment

Water-solublecomposition polymer composition Epilam® Aqua 

Used for application as an antiwear, bactericidal, anticorrosive additive to lubricant
cooling liquid and other types of hydroliquids (water, emulsions, etc.)

«EPILAM» — registered trade mark

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