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  • 08 December 2014
    Innovative Products Ltd. "AVTOSTANKOPROM" - multifunctional "Epilam" marked with "Russian nanotechno ...
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Innovative Products Ltd. "AVTOSTANKOPROM" - multifunctional "Epilam" marked with "Russian nanotechnology products" with the provision of the right to its use (Diploma №17 from 05.12.2014g.). Sign of "Russian nanotechnology products" for labeling of nanoproducts produced in Russia with proven characteristics of quality, safety and absence of counterfeiting. Sign an initiative of the Fund of Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO. The decision on awarding the sign "Russian nanotechnology products" adopted by the Commission consisting of representatives of the federal executive bodies, public associations, leading scientists and experts in the field confirm the quality and safety of innovation, including nanotechnology products.